We are thrilled to see one of our directors, Jerome Lartaud, featured in the Property Reporter today!

In this interview, Jerome talks about the differences between the French and UK property market. He then discusses the challenges facing the property industry this year and also comments on the challenges that buying agencies and commercial property investors are currently facing.

” With house prices cooling and the market shifting in favour of buyers, I noticed an increased number of calls from selling agents (or sellers directly) about new instructions or even prior to listing.

I also find we have more time to carry out the necessary level of curation and due diligence on properties we shortlist on behalf of our clients, not to mention more time for second (and even third) viewings if needed. This translates in putting less pressure on buyers compared to the last 2 years where the property market was literally on steroids (and doing 2 viewings on a property was almost impossible!).

Overall, buying agents remain active and very popular amongst buyers, especially when time-poor and busy, when relocating to a new country or city where one has zero knowledge, or after repeatedly failing to secure a purchase, leading to disappointment and frustration.

Not to mention to access off-market properties: one of the most valuable services good property finders can offer to buyers is that associated with identifying and accessing off-market properties.”

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