We are pleased that contracts have now been exchanged on a really lovely Grade II listed family home dating from the 15th Century in Gloucestershire for lovely buyer clients!

Grade II listed family home dating from the 15th Century in Gloucestershire

This is a complete and total Off-Market property transaction! The property never reached the open market, or any estate agents’ desks for valuation or discreet listing and marketing!

Property transactions that occur totally off-market and completely behind the scenes like this one are not easy to identify and complete, and usually require a strike of luck in terms of timing – being at the right place at the right time in this particular instance.

So wondering how did it all happen?

Long story short: whilst on one of our regular trips to Gloucestershire and after viewing a few properties with potential for one of our retained clients (a lovely London couple looking to escape the London for a more tranquil and rural lifestyle) Claire and I decided to stop to one of the nearby villages for a quick break and walk and to enjoy the surroundings hills and fresh air.

During our little countryside walk we bumped into a couple a retirees who were coming back from a long walk with their dog (as you do when you live in the countryside!). One of the lovely thing about the countryside is locals take the time to stop and chat, to help you in times of need, and are always ready and willing to offer advice to newcomers.

We told them we are buying agents and currently searching for a new family home for our London buyer clients. And here come the strike of luck: they were considering selling their big rural family home in Gloucestershire to move back to the city Bath, closer to where their children and grandchildren currently live.

They agreed to let us view their property (respecting all the social distancing rules of course!). Our clients loved the property and decided to make a solid and competitive offer that has now been accepted!

Claire and I are particularly proud of this result as we are only a very small (2 people strong) and young boutique buying agency and clearly cannot compete with the well established likes of Savills, Knight Frank, Strutt & Parker nor the highly-respected buying agents such as Property Vision, Henry Pryor or Edingtons when it comes to facilitating off-market property transactions!

And we definitely don’t have a little black book of contacts as deep as theirs!

This goes to show that:

  • Property Buyers – using a buying agent will enable you to access off-market properties, properties that will never reach the open market.
  • Property Sellers – you don’t necessarily need an estate agent for the sale of your property if you are introduced to a vetted buyer by a professional buying agent!
  • Hard work and persistency do pay off!

Now on to the usual conveyancing etc…

And sorry for the long post, and for blowing our own trumpets, those who know us know it is usually not our style to show off our business achievements.

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