Why Use Us?

We recognise that each client is as unique as their property criteria and, accordingly, we provide a complete bespoke property finding service tailored to individual requirements.

What Is A Buying Agent?

Many buyers believe that registering with their local estate agent means that the estate agent is looking out for their interests. However, what they do not realise is that estate agents are retained by the seller and they act exclusively in the best interests of sellers. As soon as a seller lists their property for sale the estate agent notifies all the buyers on their database in order to generate enough interest to achieve the highest price for their client: the seller.

Buying agents act exclusively for buyers and use their network of contacts to find properties that match their client’s criteria. They do not rely on a single estate agent but a whole network of contacts involved in the property industry. It also means that buying agents often view properties before they appear on the market and they are always one of the first to view; giving their clients an advantage over those attending later viewings with hoards of other hopefuls.

Most buying agents will only work for a handful of clients at any given time and will never have two clients with identical requirements. This avoids conflict and competition between clients and helps the buying agent achieve the lowest possible price for their client.

Despite the name, buying agents do much more than find properties for clients. They manage and liaise with all parties throughout the acquisition process to make buying a property as smooth and stress free as possible for their client. They can recommend solicitors, surveyors, insurers and finance brokers and, after you have bought the property, can help you find interior designers, stagers, decorators, architects and other professionals to make your property perfect.

Buying agents, or property finders as they are also known, were, for a long time, believed to be the preserve of the wealthy, celebrities or only for those people prepared to appear on TV.  However, as more and more buyers are finding out, this is simply no longer the case.

Buying a property is a major life decision; the most expensive life decision you are likely to make.  It is also stressful and time consuming. So, it is quite remarkable that some buyers are prepared to gamble such large sums of money without professional help, guidance and advice; whilst the seller has access to the guidance and advice of their estate agent. For buyers, the best way to level the playing field is for them to have their own representatives on their team: the buying agent.

Want Your Saturdays Back?

Let us find your next home or investment property while you do the things you love.

Why Use Us?

  • At the heart of our business is you – the client. As a buying agent, we are your team on the ground when it comes to sourcing, assessing and negotiating your property purchase.
  • We offer a totally bespoke property finding service, tailored to your budget, requirements and search criteria.
  • We understand that your brief is unique because you are unique. Consequently it is not just the sourcing strategy that is bespoke. We tailor the entire purchase campaign to suit your personality, lifestyle and expectations.
  • We charge a fixed fee (other property finders usually base their fees on a percentage of the purchase price) as it provides our clients with transparency and certainty for their own budgeting purposes.
  • Our expert customer service, excellent organisational skills and eye for detail enables us to provide a high quality service for buyers looking for their perfect property – whether it is a holiday home, residential or commercial property investment or the perfect family home.
  • We have access to both on and off market properties and are available at very short notice to conduct viewings for newly listed properties.
  • As well as residential purchase assistance, we can also assist you with your rental requirements.
  • We are members of The Property Ombudsman redress scheme.

What To Expect From Us

Saving Time and Money
Using a buying agent should not be the preserve of only the wealthy…everyone deserves to have someone on their side when they are about to make the most important and expensive purchase of their lives.  That is why, by employing our skills and experience, we consistently save our clients time and, importantly, money well in excess of our fees.

Professional & Personal Approach
We recognise that each client is as unique as their property requirements so we ensure we listen carefully to get to know our client and understand their criteria before starting the property finding process. We then tailor a service specifically for each client.
We are proactive and tenacious in our approach, leaving no stone unturned in each property search we undertake on behalf of our clients.
We believe that the essence of achievement is passion for what you do, and we simply love it. Property is our passion and our purpose.

Property Knowledge
Using us as your buying agent will enable you to benefit from impartial and un-emotional professional judgement and opinion when searching for or negotiating on a property purchase.
Having 25 years of combined property experience, we understand the property market, its dynamics and the skills required to deliver successful property searches.

Our fees, unlike many other bespoke property finders, are fixed rather than percentage based. You will know exactly what you are paying BEFORE retaining our services. This means you avoid a nasty surprise at the end of the search and you can accurately work out your total budget for your acquisition.
Our fees are structured so that you pay a non-refundable retainer fee to kick-start the search and a success fee on exchange of contracts (the retainer fee is deducted from the success fee).

As a buying agent, we provide a bespoke service to a range of buyers and employ a strategy that works specifically for the individual client and their budget. This includes everything from finding the property, managing the conveyancing process and project managing refurbishments.
Or, it may only involve finding a property or viewing and appraising properties already found on the Internet by a client. And, if you can’t see the service you require, let us know and we will work with you to tailor one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Impartial Support
Buying a property is a major life decision; the most expensive life decision you are likely to make.  It is stressful, time consuming and can be an emotional rollercoaster. As your buying agent, we are on your side and will provide impartial and emotional support throughout the process.

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